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Reduce Cell Phone Cost: Find some great tips on how to reduce your cellular phone cost at CellBills.com

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Best Cell Phone Savings
The Easiest Way To Damage Your Cell Phone May Surprise You Print E-mail

Did you ever wonder how your cell phone became water damaged without dropping it in water?  One of the easiest ways to damage your cell phone may just surprise you.

We constantly have people contacting us about damaged cell phones.  Over the years we have heard everything from “I dropped my cell phone in the toilet” to “my cell phone went for a swim in the lake or the pool” These are not such common occurrences.  Here is the surprising part.  We get lots of calls from people who have water damaged phones, but will swear they never dropped the cell phone in water.  So you ask how is this possible.

Best Ways to Save Money On Text Messaging PDF Print E-mail

Here is one of the best ways to save money on text messaging.

Do you have a smart phone or Blackberry?  Here is a money saving idea that we think you might like.  If you sms and use text messaging a lot, and you want to save money on your cell phone bill then forget about paying the extra $5.00 to $10.00 a month for a text messaging plan.  You can send free messages to your friends and collegaues phone via e-mail.

How to Get a Lower Cell Phone Bill PDF Print E-mail

How To Lower Your Wireless Bill

So you really want to find an easy way to lower cell phone cost, but you just aren’t sure how to do it.  We have two of the best ways to lower cell phone cost.

Easy Way to Lower Cell Phone Cost

all your wireless Carrier and ask them to help you lower your cell phone cost.  Yeah it is not exactly a sure thing but you may just end up surprised what they might tell you.  Call your Carriers toll free Customer Service number and ask for ways you can reduce your cell phone cost.  Here are a few things you may want to discuss with them that could lead you to more savings.

Ways To Lower Cell Bills PDF Print E-mail

If you want a lower cell phone bill then you are going to have to start by taking the time to look at your cell phone bill, and you will need to understand your cell phone bill.  We have provided some key ways to lower cell bills for you.

A lower cell bill is always a good thing.  There are certain cell phone billing charges that everyone should be watching in order to get a lower cell phone bill.  We have created a list of key areas that unmonitored can lead to blowing your chance of having a lower cell phone bill.

How to Dispute a Cell Phone Bill: PDF Print E-mail

If you are someone who watches over your cell phone bill and watches what you spend on cell phone cost, then chances are you have had to dispute a cell phone bill with your Cell Phone Carrier.  To some people, disputing a cell phone bill is not big deal to others they would just assume give up their cell phone savings not to have to dispute their wireless bill.  Here is how to dispute a cell phone bill in ten east to understand steps.

Here is what you will need to get started before you make the call:

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