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Cell Phone Tax Charges Per State PDF Print E-mail

We are constantly searching the web for information that can save you money on your cell phone cost.  Knowing the proper cell phone tax rate that you should be charged for your cell phone tax is important.  Once you know the rate then you can easily check your cell phone bill to see if you are being charged accordingly for cell phone tax.

We have found a great list of the cell phone tax charged per state. cell phone tax is based on the area that you primarily utilize your phone in.  Your wireless Carrier will charge you cell phone tax each month on your bill.  Use the list below to make certain you are no being overcharged for cell phone tax.

CellBills.com Would Like To Thank You PDF Print E-mail

CellBills.com would like to thank you for uploading your cellular phone bills and testing the new CellBills.com Optimizer and cellular phone auditing service. We have had tremendous reaction to our new cell bill cost reduction services.  The beta test is in full swing, and we hope to wrap the beta test up soon.  We expect we will be going fully live soon. We have had thousands of people sign up for our services in just the last month.  We are quickly becoming the fastest growing cell phone cost reduction service on the web.

Best Way to Lower Cell Phone Cost PDF Print E-mail

Anyone who has a cell phone knows exactly what cell phone cost is.  CellBills.com is the best way to lower cell phone cost, and we can prove it.  When was the last time you sat down to try to find the best way to lower your cell phone cost?  Well if you are the average consumer, then that would mean doing a cell phone bill audit.  Doing a regular review of your cell phone bill allows you to accomplish several things:

Kids Cell Phone Cost PDF Print E-mail
Written by Amy Baumhower "Wireless Executive & Mother"

Kids cell phone cost is rising so we have a few great ways to reduce kids cell phone cost!

Kids cell phone cost is rising so many parents question the decision to get their son or daughter a cell phone.  Parents are not sure what to do when the time comes to give their child a cell phone.  Here are a few key tips.  Most people under the age of 25 communicate primarily via text rather than voice.  So make sure you get them a good sms plan.  We recommend spending a little extra the first few months and getting an unlimited plan.  You will not beleive how much they can text in a month. Maybe try prepaid for their first cell phone.  It is a good way to teach them how to manage their phone usage.

Best Cell Phone Savings Advice PDF Print E-mail

If you want the best cell phone savings advice go to the experts at CellBills.com.  The team at CellBills.com have helped tens of thousands of people save on their cell phone cost.  The CellBills.com site blog offers the best cell phone savings tips, and the best free cell phone savings advice on the web. Find out why so many people go to CellBills.com for the best cell phone savings advice.

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