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CellBills.com Launches New Look to Its Website: The best cell phone savings site now has an even better website!

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Reduce Cell Phone Cost: Find some great tips on how to reduce your cellular phone cost at CellBills.com

Thousands Sign Up for CellBills.com Services In First Month of Beta Testing Our Site: Join the thousands of people who signed up for CellBills.com services in our first month online.

Save 32% On Your Cell Phone Bills: Everyone wnats to save money on cell phone cost.  CellBills.com has become the answer for thousands of users.


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Dump Your Landline and You Can Save Big PDF Print E-mail

Guess what items 38% of Americans ages 18 to 29 no longer consider a necessity of life according to a recent Pew Research study.  If you guessed a landline telephone you are right.  According to that same study, 74% of the US households still have a landline.  This means that 26% of the country has said goodbye to their landline telephone.

Government Employee Discounts on Cell Phones PDF Print E-mail

Government Employee Cellular Discounts:

Government employees get great discounts on their personal monthly cell phone service cost.  If you are a government employee and you have a mobile device, then you make sure you are getting a discount on your monthly cell phone service fees.  Almost all government employees get a discount on their personal cell phone service cost as a result of the deals their government has written into their Government cell phone contracts.  The wireless Carriers agree to give discounts to government employees.  So of you want to save money then make sure you are getting discounts that you may be entitled to. 

Students can also get discounts on their monthly cell phone services cost.  A lot of Universities and schools can pass the discounts they get from their Carrier onto their students.

I order to see if you are eligible for a government or student discount, you have to call your Carriers toll free Customer service number and ask.  They will most likely ask for some form of proof.  This can include an e-mail address ties to the government agency or school.  An id issued from the agency, etc.

Don’t forget CellBills.com can also help you save money on your monthly cell phone bills as well.  Stop by our site for a Free Savings Evaluation today!


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Employee Discounts on Cell Phones Can Save You Money PDF Print E-mail

Did you know that you may be able to get an employee discount on your monthly cell phone service fees as a result of the company you work for?

Many companies have deals in place with their wireless Carriers that allow them to get cell phone discounts for their employees as a result of being employed by the company.  If you are employed by a Fortune 1000 company then there is most likely an employee discount in place with the wireless Carrier(s) your company uses.

Easiest Way to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bills PDF Print E-mail

According to www.CellBills.com a site which is one of the top money savings websites on the web that focuses on helping its Customers save money on their cell phone bills, the easiest way to reduce cell phone cost is by changing your current cell phone plan.  According to CellBills.com, the average Consumer is over spending on their cell phone bill by about $321.00 a year.  This means most Americans are paying on average $26.75 more a month on their cell phone bill per month than they should be.

Fastest Way To Reduce Cell Phone Cost PDF Print E-mail

What is the fastest way to reduce my cell phone cost?

CellBills.com services allows both Consumers and businesses to go online to our website and easily upload your cell phone bill.  Our cell phone bill auditing software does all the rest.  We will audit your cell phone bill for better rates planes, mistakes, to insure you have the right discount, and to find any areas that you may be able to save money on your cell phone bill.  The process is very quick.  It is truly the fastest way to reduce cell phone cost.

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