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CellBills.com provides the widest range of cell phone cost reduction services and cell phone auditing services for consumers, businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations as well as wireless carriers.  We offer the most cutting edge bill auditing technology that allows us to maximize cell phone savings for our Customers.


CellBills.com also offers one of the most experienced teams in the wireless industry.  We have audited over 100,000 cell phone bills.  We have saved our Customers millions and millions of dollars.  We offer some of the top cell phone reporting in the industry.  We have worked with both consumers as well as Fortune 500 companies to help them reduce wireless cost.  Our average Customer saves 32%.

We have mastered the art of helping consumers and businesses reduce cell phone cost and gain control of cell phone billing.  The CellBills.com team and website helps consumers and businesses save money every day on wireless cost.  In addition to reducing wireless cost, CellBills.com helps people and businesses gain control of their wireless in general.


Consumers use CellBills.com’s website to lower cell phone cost, find the best cell phone rate plans, recover disputed cell phone charges, recommend cell phone savings, and reduce cell phone cost.  Our average Customers saves 32% on their cell phone cost.


CellBills.com can help your business reduce its wireless cost by 32% .  We help companies and government agencies control corporate wireless cost as well as gain total control of their wireless programs.  We have been working with corporations and government agencies for over ten years providing wireless cost reduction services and mobile device management services.  We have one of the most experienced corporate wireless teams in the country.  We currently service some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the country as well as some of the largest Government Agencies.  We can help you achive the following:

  • Audit wireless bills
  • Establish corporate cost controls
  • Provide key executive reporting
  • Provide a FREE custom corporate portal so you can securely access your online reporting
  • Provide executive cost breakdowns and savings reports
  • Provide support on writing corporate cell phone policy
  • Reduce corporate wireless expense by an average of 32%.

Best Telecom Affiliate Program

Our cutting edge cell phone cost reduction services and wireless bill auditing technology is available on a licensed basis as a configurable web base service. We offer a proven solution for our Partners when it comes to generating website traffic, increases our revenues, offering product diversification, added income streams, and driving superior customer loyalty.

Wireless Industry Analytics

We offer the key wireless consumer spend data as well as consumer usage data in the industry.  Our key data analytics include wireless costs, spending, usage, and devices, Carriers related data, and consumer data.  This information is custom developed and proprietary to our company.  CellBills.com data is ideal for Marketing Firms, Researchers, Web Based marketing Firms, Consumer Based Agencies, Wireless Reporting and News Agencies, and Mobile Advertisers.

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