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We all want a lower cell phone bill, but we are not exactly sure how to get there.  Here are three quick tips to help you get a lower cell phone bill.  These ideas are here to show you in a fast and simple manner how you can take control of your cell phone bill, reduce cell phone cost, and lower your cell bill.

Monitor Your Cell Phone Bill Monthly:
Do not assume everything is ok.   By the time you realize your cell phone bills has a problem, then it is too late the money is gone just because you were not watching.  Monitor your cell phone bill monthly, and audit cell phone bills quarterly.

Get A Cell Phone Plan That Makes Sense:
Do not over pay for services and do not neglect to get the right amount of services so you end up with additional charges at the end of the month.  Find the plan that works best for you.  A cell phone plan that gives you the services levels you need, but does not commit you to services you will not use.

Watch The Kids:
If you have a child with a phone monitor their cost and look at their cell phone bill each month.  Nothing can blow up your cell phone bill faster than a sms texting teen!

A lower cell phone is possible.  You will have to work at it, and you may even have to educate yourself a little, but in the end you will have a better piece of mind and more money in your pocket to show for it.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 September 2010 20:37