Cell Phone Cost Are Rising Print

According to JD Powers, The average household now pays $107 a month for cell phone service, up from $88 in 2005, according to research firm J.D. Power & Associates.  This is a trend that most do not seeing slowing down anytime soon.

Yes, with the popularity of smartphones growing daily, so do the number of applications for  smartphone devices on the market.  As the applications and functionality grows so does the demand for the device so you can bet that your family’s cellular bill will not be getting any cheaper anytime soon. 
The rise of Smartphones will run in direct proportion to the growing cost of cellular and here is why.   Smartphones do deliver a lot of extra value, but along with the smartphone’s value there is a need to access new features to maximize that value.  The smartphone is not so smart without the ability to access the web.  Well accessing the web on a smartphone is not free.  Carriers are charging for that feature and families are buying.

So here is how it all works out.  The social demand and productivity increases of smartphones will continue to grow.  As the demand for smartphones grows, the application developers come out of the woodwork.  As the demand for developers grows, the big corporate players will get into the mix to provide even better applications and features for these devices just as Verizon as Sprint did this week by beginning to embrace third party applications even more.

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