Reduce Phone Cost, It May Be Time to Get Rid of Your Home Phone? Print
Written by Amy Baumhower "Cell Phone Executive & Mother"

Hey moms, do all of your children have cell phones?

Why then do you still keep a home phone?   Many families have noticed that no one will answer the home phone since all of the teenagers have cell phones.  One of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce your phone cost is to get rid of that home phone.


Our home phone used to cost between $40 to $45 per month almost $500 per year.  Do not continue to pay for something you are not using just because you always have in the past.  I have many other things that I can do with this money, maybe you do to.

If you want to reduce your family's expenses, then look to see if anyone is still answering your home phone.  If you have teenagers with cell phones, chances are they do not answer the home phone anymore.  It may be time for it to go.

Amy Baumhower is one of the top Wireless Executive in the country, and she is also the mother of two.

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