Kids Cell Phone Cost Print
Written by Amy Baumhower "Wireless Executive & Mother"

Kids cell phone cost is rising so we have a few great ways to reduce kids cell phone cost!

Kids cell phone cost is rising so many parents question the decision to get their son or daughter a cell phone.  Parents are not sure what to do when the time comes to give their child a cell phone.  Here are a few key tips.  Most people under the age of 25 communicate primarily via text rather than voice.  So make sure you get them a good sms plan.  We recommend spending a little extra the first few months and getting an unlimited plan.  You will not beleive how much they can text in a month. Maybe try prepaid for their first cell phone.  It is a good way to teach them how to manage their phone usage.

If you child already has a cell phone, here are some more simple ways to not only control kids cell phone cost, but maybe even lower kids cell phone cost.

Watch your minutes and text package and you can adjust these to better fit each user’s needs.  You can also block various things on a user’s phone so you are not getting odd or unusual charges.  Examples would be to block all downloads.  Downloads usually encompass games, ring tones etc. This is an easy way to keep the cost down on the user’s phone.  You can also block text if the user is going to be restricted to just using voice.  Some Carriers that have push to talk will also allow you to block a person so that they can only communicate with people who are in their mobile devices phone book.  That means NO dialing and NO text.  These are many things that parents can do to lower their cell phone cost.  Many of them are actually very basic and easy to do. Good luck lowering kids cell phone cost!


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