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How to Dispute a Cell Phone Bill: PDF Print E-mail

If you are someone who watches over your cell phone bill and watches what you spend on cell phone cost, then chances are you have had to dispute a cell phone bill with your Cell Phone Carrier.  To some people, disputing a cell phone bill is not big deal to others they would just assume give up their cell phone savings not to have to dispute their wireless bill.  Here is how to dispute a cell phone bill in ten east to understand steps.

Here is what you will need to get started before you make the call:


  • You should have your cell phone bill in front of you and ready for review.
  • You should have a well thought out dollar amount that you would like to have refunded and a clearexplanation as to why you should be credited this money back and or how you have been miss-billed on your cell phone bill by the Carrier.
  • About 15 to 30 minutes to speak to the Wireless Carrier Representative
  • You should know what you want the Wireless Carrier to credit you, and you should know what you are willing to settle for.

Step One: Have the Right Wireless Carrier Customer Service Numbers

Make sure you have the right Customer support number for your wireless Carrier.  Carriers have different numbers for different reasons.  You want to speak to someone in the billing department.  If you get the recording asking you to choose a prompt usually just hitting 0 will get you where you want to be.

Step Two: Get The Wireless Carriers Representatives Name and Extension:

Upon answering the call the Representative should give you their name.  If they do not, politely ask for it.  Write done the name of the agent and the time of your call.  Try to get an extension number for the Representative just in case you get disconnected during the call.  You can call back and not have to start the conversation all over again.  Document the conversation by taking notes.  This may come in handy later.

Step Three: Be Polite and Stay Calm During the Call:

When the Representative comes online, stay calm and simply tell them “I have some question on about my cell phone bill, and I was hoping you could help me”.   Asking for help will keep the Representative off the defensive.  Staying calm set the expectation that this is someone who they are going to get along with and that they will want to work with to provide them help on their cell phone bill.

Step 4: Explain Your Wireless Billing Error:

Explain your concerns, and there is a good chance the Representative will see the error and be able to fix the cell phone billing problem even before you have to go into detail.

Step 5: Explain Exactly What Is Wrong With Your Wireless Bill

Be prepared; tell the Representative exactly what is wrong.  Make sure you are organized and explain your problem in detail and effectively.

Step 6: Try To Get The Wireless Company Give You A Credit:

Here we go, if the error is indeed the Carriers ask for the cell phone bill to be credited.  Tell them nicely why you think it is fair that your cell phone bill should credited for the error the Carrier had.  Keep calm and be nice.

Step 7: Even If the Billing Issue is Your Fault, Do Not Give Up Yet:

If you find out that the billing problem is actually due to your usage or something that you did and that the Carrier is not at fault, don’t give up yet.  This is where the being nice comes in.  Carrier Representatives have a lot more lee way than you think.  Most of these people are sympathetic to your situation.  Most of them have cell phone bills.   Ask the Representative if they can help you out by crediting the cost or some of it or maybe give you some free minutes.  Keep in mind you can only go to the well so often.  If you have already been credited within the last year for billing problems that you caused then your chances of getting any special credits will decrease.

Step 8: Do Not Settle for Less than the Cost You If the Cell Phone Billing Error Is the Carriers

Make sure they give you a credit for all the billing cost.  Some Representatives may only try to offer only a portion of the billing problem be resolved.  In other words you may be due $40.00 as a result of the error and the Representative may offer to credit back $25.00.  This does not work.  If the Carrier made the mistake, then you deserve 100% of the cost to be credited back on your cell phone bill.

Step 9: Try Another Wireless Phone Carrier Representative:

If you do not like what one Carrier Representative told you or how it worked out, it may be worth calling again.  Speak to someone else and see if maybe they are willing to do something more for you.   A few things will have an impact on your success here.  Hope that the first Representative was in experienced and maybe does not know what they can and cannot do.  Hope that the second Representative does not read the notes from your first call.  This is a long shot, but it may be worth a try.

Step 10: Escalate the Cell Phone Billing Issue to A Manager If Need Be:

If all goes wrong, try to escalate the call.  Ask the Representative to speak to a Manager.  This is a last resort, but it can be an effective result if the Representative cannot figure your problem out or if the Representative is newer to the company.  Again, stay calm and try to be polite.  Once the Manager comes online, explain your problem again and see if they can help you.

For more information on how to resolve cell phone billing issues and to reduce your cell phone cost, go to www.cellbills.com!

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