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How To Lower Your Wireless Bill

So you really want to find an easy way to lower cell phone cost, but you just aren’t sure how to do it.  We have two of the best ways to lower cell phone cost.

Easy Way to Lower Cell Phone Cost

all your wireless Carrier and ask them to help you lower your cell phone cost.  Yeah it is not exactly a sure thing but you may just end up surprised what they might tell you.  Call your Carriers toll free Customer Service number and ask for ways you can reduce your cell phone cost.  Here are a few things you may want to discuss with them that could lead you to more savings.

Top Ten Ways To Lower Cell Phone Cost

Once you have dialed in and gotten ahold of a Customer Service Rep from your Carrier, here are the ten best questions that you can ask that will lead to cell phone savings.

1.    Ask them about ways you can save money

Carrier Representatives live, eat, and breath their companies services.  If there is a way to lower your cell phone bill, they should know.

2.    Ask them about their latest cell phone promotions

There are always promotions running for most Carriers.  Ask them if there are any new cell phone plan promotions that might benefit you.

3.    Ask about unpublished cell phone rate plans

Unpublished cell phone plans used to be very common five years ago, but they have slowly died out.  There are still older cell phone plans out there that are not published.  In other words cell phone service plans that you will not find in the Carriers rate plan sheet, but they do still exist.  They benefit you when it comes to saving you money on your cell phone bill

4.    Ask them if your company or if you are married your spouse’s company gets a monthly discount on service rates for its employees.

Ask if you are eligible for a discount as an employee of the company.  In other words larger companies can pass service discounts to their employees.  See if you qualify for an employee discount based on who you or your spouse work for.

5.    Ask them if there are newer cell phone plans available to you that you may not be aware of     

Wireless Carriers always have new plans they are launching.  Simply ask if there are any new plans currently or new cell phone plans coming out in the next few weeks that might be better for you based on your cell phone usage.

6.    Ask them if you have any services you are paying for but not using.

It often times very easy for good Cellular Customer Service Rep to see things on your bill that you might not see.

7.    Ask them if you are using too much off any services that you could jump up to a better plan

This approach is the exact opposite of number 8 approach.  Ask them if you should get a larger plan on any of the services you are currently using.

8.    Ask if you could be on a family plan that might make more sense.

If you have more than one person on your cell phone bill ask them if there is a family plan that might save you money.

9.    Tell them you are great Customer, and ask if they can do anything to reward you.

When all else fail just ask them if they can give you a discount r extra minutes for being such a great Customer.  It may sound crazy but it works sometimes.

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