The Easiest Way To Damage Your Cell Phone May Surprise You Print

Did you ever wonder how your cell phone became water damaged without dropping it in water?  One of the easiest ways to damage your cell phone may just surprise you.

We constantly have people contacting us about damaged cell phones.  Over the years we have heard everything from “I dropped my cell phone in the toilet” to “my cell phone went for a swim in the lake or the pool” These are not such common occurrences.  Here is the surprising part.  We get lots of calls from people who have water damaged phones, but will swear they never dropped the cell phone in water.  So you ask how is this possible.


Many cell phone users do not realized just how easily and how quickly water will damage their cell phone.  Cell Phone users also do not realize that one of the easiest ways to get water damage on their cell phone is by setting it in your drink/cup holder in your car as you drive.  The amount of condensation that is left from drinks in the cup holder in your car is definitely enough to water damage your cell phone.  Even though it may not appear that there is a lot of water in your cup holder, there may not be a puddle there, condensation can be there from your drink.   Therefore, when you put a phone in the cup holder, the condensation evaporates up into their phone.  Since the majority of cell phone on the market have various metallic pieces inside and of course a lot of circuitry even the smallest amount of water can cause corrosion inside the unit the gradually make the unit not function properly.   Most sodas will even do this faster.

Make it a habit to never put your cell phone in your cars cup holders , and you may save money in damaged cell phone cost.

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