Government Employee Discounts on Cell Phones Print

Government Employee Cellular Discounts:

Government employees get great discounts on their personal monthly cell phone service cost.  If you are a government employee and you have a mobile device, then you make sure you are getting a discount on your monthly cell phone service fees.  Almost all government employees get a discount on their personal cell phone service cost as a result of the deals their government has written into their Government cell phone contracts.  The wireless Carriers agree to give discounts to government employees.  So of you want to save money then make sure you are getting discounts that you may be entitled to. 

Students can also get discounts on their monthly cell phone services cost.  A lot of Universities and schools can pass the discounts they get from their Carrier onto their students.

I order to see if you are eligible for a government or student discount, you have to call your Carriers toll free Customer service number and ask.  They will most likely ask for some form of proof.  This can include an e-mail address ties to the government agency or school.  An id issued from the agency, etc.

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